Our dreams become reality.
Community, Shopping, Beauty, Game, Investment
Joy in the palm of my hand,

‘blingbling & Neo Universe’
Using blingbling
Using Neo Universe
There are a variety of existing beauty and game applications, but among the technologies in this rapidly changing world, there is no application that brings together blockchain-based beauty, community, shopping, investment, and games into one.

For this reason, ‘Beauty Queen’ has created ‘blingbling" and ‘Neo Universe’, where you can express and experience yourself in the non-face-to-face era, from the joys of games and community, trendy shopping, beauty, and even investment income based on blockchain technology.

First joy, ‘blingbling’

All groups include both men and women as members. Is there a group whose members are only women?
A world for women and led by women has been created.
It's called ‘blingbling’.

It is an app where many women leaders and beauty experts have gathered together to analyze the needs of women so that the app can be used in real life to help them realize their dreams.

'blingbling' is a fabulous new concept platform that has never been experienced before, enabling women to enjoy beauty, shopping, community and investment in one place.

The second joy, ‘Neo Universe’

‘Neo Universe’, a fun metaverse space created for everyone
by adding fun to ‘blingbling’.
In 'Neo Universe', everything appears in virtual reality in the palm of my hand.

In the new world of ‘Neo Universe’, you can create your own avatar that expresses yourself and customize it yourself.
You can also talk to other members, share advice, give tips, share hobbies,
and do various activities, including shopping. The virtual ‘I’ shines even brighter in the metaverse world called ‘Neo Universe’.
THE Happy world, ‘blingbling & Neo Universe’

We are constantly moving towards our goals.

blingbling & Neo Universe
Joy in the palm of my hand,
an app that makes me shine


A brilliant platform space for women that brings together community, shopping malls, beauty, investment, and more.
The great advantage is that you can earn money while having fun with the app

‘Neo Universe’

An MMORPG virtual reality space for both men and women.
The virtual ‘I’ can be decorated beautifully and stylishly as an avatar, and with simultaneous development in 2D and 3D, you can play games in a complex metaverse space.
Reasonable and popular
‘It’ items are in one place!
A pleasant shopping space that collects both premium products and service products
and allows direct transactions between individuals in one place.
Going further in that space, we can have discussions,
and freely and safely trade goods through direct transactions based on blockchain technology.

It's no secret that shopping can make you even more beautiful and stylish.
Carefully selected premium cosmetics that bring out the beauty in you.
‘Beauty Queen’ only selects products that have been successfully launched overseas and supplies them exclusively to Korea.
In particular, it has been highly praised because it has only selected products that have been recognized for their quality, including products that have won the World Beauty Awards for two consecutive years.

Our company is continuously adding and creating a lineup of products exclusively supplied or self-developed high-quality cosmetic products.
Is it possible to make a profit even with
a small amount of money?
Anyone can invest in a mining pool directly operated by our company, and a stable and fixed investment return of about 5% per month is possible.
In addition, you can check your profits in real time, so you can make quick and smart investments.

It is safer and easier to make profits than anywhere else,
and you can easily grow your assets at a glance.
This is how blingbling started.
blingbling & Neo Universe offers a variety of experiences.


Community in a timeline format.
A space where you can have fun communicating with members who have similar interests to you, and where you can discuss your concerns and have a variety of conversations
You can easily search and find travel destinations by tagging the location.
You can also get the latest information through popular posts.
This space will double your fun and joy.


A space where the more you use it, the more it makes you shine.
In addition to regular payments, you can use ‘Bling Money’ to shop for a lifestyle that suits you.
Furthermore, free and secure transactions are also possible through blockchain-based direct transactions.

When making a transaction, a request for authentication of genuine products through partner companies is also possible after paying a fee.
This way, a highly reliable direct transaction environment is naturally formed.


My smart wallet collects and manages Bling Money and virtual currency in one place.
It protects my assets safely, and it is possible to store, transmit, and purchase your own currency and cryptocurrency. And the distinctive UI design makes it easy to transmit and refund money.

A tutorial is provided so that first-time users can conveniently learn how to master it.


A place where you can earn money by watching fun advertisements!
When franchisees perform advertising market research, members can freely view advertisements and earn Bling Money!

Simply put, members can earn revenue just by watching advertisements, and get paid in Bling Money when they visit their sites or watch advertisements.

Coin Plus

A space for all beginners, including women, who are unfamiliar with and have difficulty understanding digital coins.
Digital coin-related video lectures created for beginners are frequently uploaded to help them easily access it.

It is also a great place for those who wish to make a smart investment.
It is possible to invest in digital coins in the mining pool directly operated by ‘blingbling’, which is equipped with a system whereby you can earn a monthly profit through a stable investment of about 5% return per month and a safe investment without loss of your principal amount.

‘Bling Money’ used in various ways

'Bling Money' is a point concept of cryptocurrency used within the blingbling app
and can be safely stored in a personal smart wallet.
In addition, it is possible to earn this currency, purchase and transfer it, and exchange it for cash through activities within the app.

You can also engage in various communication activities, lifestyle shopping, and mining investments (or mining pools) through ‘Bling Money’.

An exciting metaverse game space: Neo Universe

A fun metaverse game space for everyone.
The virtual ‘I’ (avatar) shines as much as the real ‘I’!
Neo Universe is a virtual reality-based space that maximizes users' interest by implementing the functions of the blingbling app as an MMORPG
(Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game).

It is a colorful and exciting space where virtuality and reality are connected in that when a virtual avatar in the metaverse, a combination of 2D and 3D,
purchases a game item with 'Bling Money' using NFT (Non-Fungible Token), purchased products are delivered to the address entered in the personal information field allowing members to receive real physical objects.

In ‘Neo Universe’, an environment has been created where members can safely and freely trade and consume items through games and various other categories.

THE New and Fun space of my own, ‘Neo Universe’
What kind of digital coin is Bling Coin (BLN)?

It is a cryptocurrency that can be used
on the ‘blingbling’
and ‘Neo Universe’ apps.

You can freely move your Bling Coin (BLN)
with your wallet on the blingbling or Neo Universe apps. You can use it on your blingbling or Neo Universe apps as well.

It is the cryptocurrency
with the highest security
and fastest speed in Korea

Bling Coin (BLN) is
a Klaytn-based token controlled through KAS provided by Daum Kakao, and having never been hacked or violated before,
boasts the highest level of security in Korea.

In addition, as a token based on Klaytn and Ethereum's blockchain technology, it can be used at a lower cost and faster speed than Ethereum while utilizing the advantages of Ethereum.

Ease of use of
a distribution platform using smart contracts

Bling Coin(BLN) has an individually owned account controlled by a private key,
and is designed to enable smart contracts as there is a separate contract account that is traded by the contract code.

By allowing copyright holders to use it conveniently through smart contracts,
the practical convenience of using the content-distribution platform has been enhanced.
Blingbling is making a new history even today.


  • Conducted research on related information
    and developed the platform concept
  • Designed the platform concept
  • developed the token
  • mobile app and wallet




  • Designed and developed the platform core
  • made partnership agreements with franchisees and YouTubers
  • Developed the management system
  • listing bling Coins (BLN)
  • launching service
  • statistical analysis, AI data analysis
  • decentralized process system




  • Will list bling Coins (BLN) on the exchange
  • the value expected to appreciate
  • Airdrop
  • Will develop the brokerage system
  • apply it to the commercial platform




  • Plans to expand the scope after listing
  • make partnership agreements with multiple companie
  • Will expand the platform services in the second stage
    (weddings, childcare, interior, furniture, etc.)


Team with bling bling
blingbling in the media
The world is developing day by day, and IT technology is also developing rapidly in line with it.
The center of that technology has to be people, and it has to exist for people.
That‘s why blingbling and Neo Universe have been born.

Through blingbling and Neo Universe, which are based on blockchain technology,
we would like to provide you with useful technologies and new pleasures that you have never felt before.
I hope this experience will be a unique gift for you.
We will do our best today to create a happy tomorrow for everyone.
CEOKang Sung-young

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